The Course

Course Participants

Who will participate?

25 youth leaders in YFU between the ages of 18-30

What will we cover?

E.g. leading with values, self-leadership, working with & for diversity, sustainable leadership

How will learning happen?

Non-formal & immersive – bringing the participants on a transformative journey

Course Structure in 2021



29 Sep – 3 Oct 2021


~5 weeks


10 Nov – 14 Nov 2021


Preparatory tasks

We will engage the participants to reflect on their ideas of leadership and values already before the course to kickstart the process

Laying the groundwork…

This added five-day module will take place in Denmark and serve as a useful basis for the groundwork

Online module and home assignments

This serves as a crucial stage in reinforcing the learning of the first module and an important preparation for the second one.

… and taking it to the next level!

The second five-day course module will take place in Estonia, and build and expand on the learnings from the previous one.

Multiplier workshops in 15+ countries

The participants will lead workshops in their local communities. It will engage and inspire members of their community

course structure

Reflecting on what you learned and what you did means growth, means impact. But the reality of many of our every day lives does not permit us to take the time necessary to properly reflect back on new input, projects or encounters with other people. We aim to assist with exactly that. 

By laying the groundwork on the First Module, we tackle crucial leadership issues and start the reflective journey into the world of our own values.

For the next couple of weeks, we will then apply our knowledge in group projects and use a variety of online learning methods and tools to reinforce and solidify the new knowledge, skills and attitudes.

The Second Module will then take it all to the next level. Hitting deep into our core personalities, we will tap into the feedback of our project partners, other participants and trainers and take steps to implement all that into who we want to be as future leaders.

two weeks


Project timeline

Summer 2020

Initial funding, planning and preparations

Autumn 2020

Educational program development and planning

Spring 2021

Search for co-funding and venues for module 1 & 2

Summer 2021

Applications for participation in the course

Fall 2021

The project commences – The VALE unfolds

moving forward


In 2020 we completed initial preparations and planning, and then secured crucial funding sources in order to go ahead with the project.

We have applied the finishing touches on our educational program and have already laid the baseline for workshops, tasks and topics for both modules – making sure we can hit home with as much impact on the participants and our vision for their expanded skillsets and attitudes.

We are continuously monitoring the situation of the pandemic to make sure we can deliver the VALE course modules in person. We are sure that this is the way to leverage the maximum impact on the participants. However, the safety of everybody involved with the course is of primary concern to us. We will make sure to go along with all health and hygiene guidelines, chose venues where a safe environment for us can be ensured and take precautions with methods and methodology to avoid unnecessary risks.

We are extremely excited to now unveil this project to the world: we hope to see you join us in the VALE adventure!

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