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The target group of the VALE is volunteer leaders with a YFU background. The leadership experience can be varied, however, and does not necessarily have to come from YFU. The more varied the participants’ leadership background, the more diverse the experiences and contributions. Therefore, the course strives to have a diverse applicant pool and to have a balanced group of participants in terms of gender, background, and experiences.

Why is it worth it?

The Benefits

  • It is organized solely by volunteers for volunteers: from concept to completion!
  • You will gain a deeper knowledge of yourself both as a leader and in everyday life!
  • You’ll get to know a group of amazing young leaders from all over Europe!
  • A great experience to put on the CV – and trust us, we will write an amazing letter of recommendation if needed
  • It’s a one of a kind – we will go the extra mile!

Where you come from

Eligible Countries*

*your country of residence during the course, not nationality.


If you reside in a purple country, your national YFU has supported this project and secured a spot for one or several volunteers from their country.

If you reside in a blue country, you are eligible for a wildcard spot. There are only a few of those depending on our funding, so make sure your application is top notch!

If you fit the participant profile but live in a gray country – don’t hesitate to reach out regardless!

This course has definitely changed my life in a way that I still can't even completely describe. I have learned so much about myself, about my values and behavior. I could even say that my self-image is so much better and clearer after all the self-reflection done throughout the course. This is an amazing opportunity to challenge yourself, to grow and to get new friends from other countries. This course is something that one doesn't want to miss.
Michael Elver, NBLC 2019
(predecessor course to The VALE)
I've only been doing YFU things out of habit lately, and I think I found some new insights (or maybe I've remembered old ones) about why I love it so much and that's there is more of it than doing the day-to-day stuff that people ask me to do.
Thoughts from previous participants
At the NBLC (predecessor to The VALE)

I think… we, as a group, sort of grew together. It’s pretty unique to grab 20 people, somewhat unknown to each other, and observe us mature in just 5 weeks. Regardless of where we were on the spectrum of ‘adulthood’ when we started the course, I think all of us took new steps towards it – some took a step, some took a leap – but a step nonetheless.

What is covered?

Financial Notes


  • Experienced trainers and quality learning materials
  • Travel to both training weekends and accommodation and meals there


  • The course has a participation fee, based on your country of residence.
  • It will be minimum 28 euros and maximum 50 euros.
  • Yes, that’s it for the entire course! It’s ridiculously accessible, thanks to Erasmus+!
  • You will be asked to pay this fee when confirming your attendance in the course, if selected. The fee is non-reimbursable.


  • If your travel costs exceed the budgeted amount per participant, you may be asked you to cover the excess amount yourself. This may happen e.g. in cases when you’d prefer a different and more expensive connection than has been suggested to you.
  • In a (post)-covid world, the connections are not as plentiful and cheap as they used to be, so please allow for longer travel a times and possible overnight stays that make it possible to stay within a pre-covid-priced travel allowance.
  • Selected participants will be informed of our cancellation policy before confirming their participation in the course.

Who can apply?

Selection Criteria

Certain selection criteria will be put in place:

  • Aged 18-30 with YFU background
  • Has previous leadership experience(s), preferably in leading large and diverse groups of people, both from within and outside of YFU
  • Shows a strong interest in taking on future leadership roles and being a leader of tomorrow
  • Ready and able to attend the full duration of the training: both course weekends and the interim distance learning with home assignments
  • Strong motivation, with their newly gained knowledge and skills, to act as multipliers in their local organisation and contexts

The selection will be done by the VALE organisers. When selecting the participants, we will consider their motivation, relevant leadership experiences from both inside and outside of YFU, and take into consideration the diversity of the participant group as well as participants located in remote areas.

What do I need to do?

Expected Workload


Let’s get started

Applications open until Sunday

Don’t miss your chance to participate in this unique, challenging, and potentially transformative experience! We’re looking forward to reading your application.


The VALE Team

For all and any questions, you may contact us at

Please don’t hesitate to reach out!